Shafiq Collection
Shafiq Collection

Shafiq Collection is located on Main Zamzama Boulevard, Karachi.
The design had to address the site limitation of being small in width versus four times the proportion in length. Key elements in the design were the black glass panels in conjunction with the high gloss marble floor with the use of fabric curtains to soften the feel against the hard surfaces. The stair case became a central feature of the retail space. The elevation was designed to emulate glistening diamonds as if spread across a sandy surface.

Project Details

  • Name of Project: Shafiq Collection
  • Name of Client: Nauman Shahid
  • Date: 2013
  • Size: 1,800 Sqft
  • Location: Main Zamzama Boulevard, Karachi
  • Stage: Completed
  • Scope: Interior Finishing Work and Top Supervision of Construction


  • Architect: Najmi Bilgrami Collaborative (Pvt) LTD
  • MEP: Excellent Associates and Design-o-Tech
  • Contractor: Inter D├ęcor

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