The Firm

NBCL’s strives to liaise between proportional appeal and material dexterity; hence  our architecture is conceived  of a labyrinth of materials, to extrapolate a sensual space within an indulgent environment.

Najmi Bilgrami Collaborative (Pvt.) Ltd. was incorporated in 2006 through the collaboration and pooling of the expertise, experience and resources of two established architectural practices of Pakistan, viz., MisbahNajmi & Associates (MNA), formed in 1975, and Bilgrami & Faruque (B&F), formed in 1972. The two firms have collectively designed over 3000 projects at an estimated current market cost of Rs.45 billion (approx. US $750 million).

We strive to accomplish, through experience and experimentation, a constructed dialogue between materials, proportions, the built environment and consequently the experience of inhabitant in spaces. With over eighty cumulative years of successful design and construction under our belt being the lineage of our heritage; we shall, with utmost effort, take NBCL into a new era to attain design excellence.”

Our focus is centered on Commercial, Institutional, Cultural, Health and Science faculties, providing Architecture, Urban Design and Planning and Interior Design Services. Najmi Bilgrami Collaborative (Pvt.) Ltd. provides services in following domains:

  • Architecture
  • Urban design & planning
  • Interior Design
  • Residential
Architecture Interior Design Urban Design & Planning Corporate Social Responsibility Residential
- Educational
- Commercial Development
- Convention/Exhibition
- Cultural/Religious
- Hospitality
- Health & Science
- Institutional
- Corporate
- Retail
- Hospitality