Most recent work
NBCL is developing 4 Bank Branch Building for Bank Al Habib..
Other works
The building would house Audi Showroom on the Ground...
The project was to house a 4 story exclusive mall ...
Based on the new Terminal Design of worldwide Audi Showrooms...
The design focused on 360 degree views of the park...
This project focuses on redefining the traditional office building...
The project comprises of two simple towers with curved glass façade...
NBCL’s Head Office Building was designed as a renovation of an existing s
The concept was based on State Life's project requirements...
The building is designed to be resistant to any kind of explosion...
The entire interior is based on the white concept in line with the façade.
Concept Design for Brentwood Private Limited
This design is based on the philosophy of deconstruction and reconstruction

Completed Projects

  • Renovation and extension of kitchen and facilities at Hotel Midway House, Karachi
  • Bonded Stores, Administrative Offices & Flight Kitchen for Hotel Midway House, Karachi
  • Administrative Office Block at Karachi for Pakistan Oxygen Ltd.
  • KDLB Head Office Building at Karachi for Karachi Dock Labour Board
  • Commercial Building on main Clifton Road, Karachi for Shahdab Limited

  • Dada Gardens Multistory Commercial Residential Building, Sharafabad, Karachi
  • Dada Terrace Multistory Commercial Residential Building on Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi
  • Sarmad Centre Commercial Residential Multi-Storeyed Building, Saddar, Karachi
  • Mitsubishi Centre, Karachi
  • Enercon Building, Islamabad.

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