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Most recent work
The IBA Student’s Center, located on IBA’s Main Campus...
Other works
The School includes 8 class rooms all opening into a central play area...
Surrounded by foliage on the round the Prayer Hall ...
This building was created as a temporary housing facility for faculty..
IBA New Boys' Hostel, designed to accommodate 300 students...
NBCL is developing the Sports facilities for IBA Main Campus...
Each classroom has the luxury of diffused natural light that reduces ...
The building has a simple plan with straight clear cut corridors culmin...

Completed Projects

  • Banglore Town School at Karachi
  • Habib Girls School (Extension) at Karachi
  • ACELP School and Diagnostic Centre at Karachi
  • Polytechnic Institute at Karachi for Behbud Association

  • Provincial Institute of Teachers Education (PITE) at Quetta for Govt. of Baluchistan (Funded by USAID & ADB)
  • Lecole School, Karachi

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